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Card Grading Services

Inspection and opinion for grading                                        $3 per card

We will look over your card and point out any flaws that we can see.  We will give our opinion on what we feel the grade might be and if we feel you should grade the card, considering the estimated grade, cost to grade, and current value of that grade.  The opinion given is NOT a guarantee of any grade whatsoever.

Payment for all services is due at time of service or card drop off

PSA Grading

Bulk (estimated return 65 business days from receipt at PSA)

TCG (Pokemon, Lorcana, MTG, Etc.)                 Max Declared Value $199                            $22 per card

Sports/Non Sports 1980-Present                     Max Declared Value $499                            $26 per card

Sports/Non Sports Pre 1980                            Max Declared Value $499                            $26 per card

Value Plus (estimated return 20 business days from receipt at PSA)

All Types                                                          Max Declared Value $499                            $47 per card + shipping

Regular (estimated return 10 business days from receipt at PSA)

All Types                                                           Max Declared Value $1499                         $85 per card + shipping

Please ask for pricing for higher declared values, faster return, or something other than trading cards.


Q:  How does grading work?

A:  3rd party companies like PSA, Beckett, SGC look at a card and evaluate the corners, edges, surface, and centering and assign a number grade based on the flaws or lack of flaws in those categories.  Then the card will be encapsulated or “slabbed” in a holder with the assigned grade on it.

Q:  How do I choose which grading company to use?

A:  There are a few factors and they are all personal choices.  PSA cards tend to sell for the highest price.  This is not an absolute, but it is mostly the case.  BGS has 2 grades above a Gem Mint grade which for them is 9.5.  They have a Pristine 10 and a Black Label 10, with a black label being considered “Perfect”.  If you feel your card has a possibility of a Pristine or Black Label, BGS may be the choice.  SGC is a cheaper and faster option.  They have been around as long as the others, but are not thought of the same when looking at modern cards.  Vintage cards have always been their strength.  In the end, it really comes down to aesthetic, value, cost, and return time.  There are other grading companies out there but these are the big 3.

Q:  My card is fresh from the pack and put straight into a sleeve, shouldn’t it be a 10?

A:  Most cards straight from the pack are probably an 8 or 9 condition wise.  Gem Mint cards are supposed to be the best of the best condition wise.  After manufacturing, cards can be cut off center, dinged or dented on the way to or after pack out, or damaged during the shipping process.  If the card is autographed, there is an additional opportunity for damage.  This greatly reduces the amount of potential Gem Mint cards.

Q:  I have chosen what company to use, which service level do I use?

A:  Service level is determined by return time and declared value.  PSA each service level has a declared value cap, so the more valuable the card the higher service level you must use.  For BGS and SGC, the service level is solely based on estimated return time.